Tips for Grooming Dogs with Matted Coats

grooming dogs matted RedditchIt’s never the best feeling when grooming dogs and all you can feel is the thick matted coat.  Your first thought is how you are going to get under coat without having to go too short.  Our experienced groomers have tackled all sorts of problems over the years and this is a recurring one that we have mastered.

Our tips below should help to get the perfect cut without going too short.

  1. Always add plenty of conditioner to the water as well as the dogs coat
  2. During the bathing stage, try to remove as much shed hair as possible
  3. When drying, carefully remove the excess water without causing the coat to tangle and matt
  4. Brush the shed hair to the edge of the coat and use a really good detangling spray
  5. Push any moulted hair away from the skin whilst drying

When grooming dogs with matted hair, there are never 2 the same, as results vary from dog to dog, but by following the easy tips above you can get the best cut possible.

Pop and see us at Maisies Pet Boutique, Astwood Bank Redditch and we can show you the great results we can achieve


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