Grooming Dogs with Greasy Fur

If your dog has greasy, dirty fur, then you will know how difficult it is to manage.  At Maisies Pet Boutique our Professional Dog Groomers tackle with these problems everyday.

Our tips below will show you how we tame the wild hair when grooming dogs.

Bath Time

We begin by using a very good and effective degreaser to get the squeaky clean base in order to get the perfect results.  When the fur is extra greasy our dog groomers will perform a pre-wash first to get right into the roots.  Our shampoos will wash out any lose hair, dirt and other day to day grit.  Once you are happy that you have done a really deep clean, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Short Back and Sides

Now that you have fully degrease your dog and achieved the squeaky clean results we were after, cutting the hair should be much easier.  The task is to get the fur to stand up straight for an easier cut so we would sometime use a scissoring prep shampoo to help with this.

The best way to remove excess grease from your dogs coat is to use chalk and a good stripping stone which will help to improve the grip.  Chalk is a multi-purpose product that cleans and whitens dog coats, absorbs grease and adds grip. Ideal for use when hand stripping, trimming, or showing.

Using a pumice stone is ideal for removing loose hair from coarse or wiry coats, and aids in the removal of undercoat hair when hand stripping. It’s great for any pet groomer, from beginners to experts. This grooming block is easy and quick to use – simply brush over the required area. It also covers the top coat in resin to aid grip when stripping.

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