Microchip your Dog for Better Peace of Mind

Maisies Pet Boutique Redditch supports the microchipping industry and will always recommend that you ensure that you microchip your dog in the unfortunate event that they are lost or stolen.

If for any reason you lose your pet, a microchip is that added piece of mind that you have a better chance of finding them again.  This process is only effective if you keep your details regularly updated i.e. If you move home or change your contact number.

Dog collars and dog tags are effective and do work, they are also a compulsory accessory to your dog when in public places, but we believe that in addition to these it is essential that you have your dog microchipped as a collar or tag could fall off or be removed.

Pet owners think that microchipping is expensive but many associations offer this service for free.

How does a microchip work?

A microchip no bigger than a grain of rice is placed under the skin on the back of the dogs neck.  The microchip gives that dog its own unique code like a barcode.  A microchip is not a GPS for your dog as many believe.  A Microchip just makes it easier to identify your dog if their dog collar is missing, enabling the warden of vet to contact you via your details retrieved from the database

Is Microchipping Compulsory?

At present it is not a legal requirement to microchip your dog, but new laws to be introduced in England Next year states that all dogs must be microchipped

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