Why Do Dog Agility Training?

So your thinking of doing some dog agility training although a bit uncertain? below are many of the reasons why dog agility is a great type of training that you should almost certainly get involved with!

  • Its lots of fun, you don’t have to be on crufts to carry out agility. Many people carry out agility training just for fun they have no intention of ever competing but simply love doing it and so do their dogs
  • Its offers a great way to bond with your dog. It can help strengthen the bond that you already have. The dogs rely on you to guide them through the course. Without you your dog would be able to finish it. As you are not allowed to touch your dog during the course they have to rely on commands and hand signals.
  • It helps develops your dogs obedience skills. During the course they have to follow your instructions also they carry out some basic obedience commands. Helping your dog to pass through the obstacles will help reinforce basic obedience commands and improve communication between you and your dog, this will ultimately assist when your out off the class and away from the course.
  • Its great exercise for your dog. agility is a great way for your dog to burn off some excess energy. Running through the course is both physically and mentally challenging. Agility helps keep your dog fit and increases stamina and endurance.
  • Its also great exercise for the owner too! running or walking briskly around the track with your dog is a sure way to help keep you fit too!
  • Suitable for all-  the equipment can be adapted for all shapes sizes and temperaments. Training can be altered according to the needs and requirements of the dog, and the owner too for that matter.

So why not give it a go? we run regular group courses as well as offering one to one sessions. They take place throughout the year in Redditch. for more information call us on 01527 43 44 45.

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