Your First Call for Dog Training Redditch

Located in Astwood Bank Redditch Maisie’s Pet Boutique offer an extensive dog training programme for dogs and puppies in Redditch, Birmingham and the surrounding areas.  As a lover and owner of dogs this is more of a hobby of mine rather a business.

The old coined phrase that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a fairytale and simply not true.  With the correct dog training and effective tailor made methods, you can certainly train you dog new tricks.

Effective Dog Training Redditch

Common problems with dogs that have not been trained include, jumping up, pulling on the lead, poor toilet habits, biting, aggressive behaviour and over boisterous.  Other traits include, barking, destructive behaviour, chewing items in the home and overall obedience problems.  I’m sure if you’re reading this and have an untrained dog you could probably add a load more items to this list.

Our dog training methods will help dogs and puppies alike to curb their behaviour and improve both theirs and your quality of life, not to mention your stress levels.

The Dog Training Redditch includes:

  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary barking, chewing, whining and the urge to jump up your guests or passer by.
  • Help with obedience when your dog is on a lead to teach them how to sit and stay when commanded to.
  • Increase awareness of play so the dog know their limits


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