Useful Advice for Buying a Puppy

A great deal of thought and care should be carried out when buying a puppy. To ensure that you choose the right puppy for you and your family there are many things that should firstly be considered:

What is your lifestyle?

Some breeds require more exercise than others. How much time are you able to dedicate to walking your new addition? Do you have an active lifestyle or are you limited with how much time you can dedicate to exercise? Also, when you bring a puppy home you will need to ensure that you or a family member is able to spend extra time in their initial learning stages. This will help you to socialise them, build a bond, toilet train your puppy, get them used to your home and get them used to some kind of structure or routine.

What kind of home do you have?

Some breeds of dog would benefit from a larger garden. Either way you will need to ensure that your garden is secure and they have sufficient space to relieve themselves. Larger breeds will need to have space to sleep and to have an area that they can eat meals.

Would you prefer a crossbreed or pedigree?

Which ever you choose you should carry out research on the breed or breeds involved. Different breeds of dog were bred for different purposes and therefore stereotypically possess different personality traits. Some breeds will also be prone to certain health ailments. If choosing a pedigree dog you may wish to refer to the Kennel Club who can assist with a variety of information on the breed standards and certain medical tests that may be advised. For example, some breeds are prone to eye problems or skin conditions or hip dysplasia. The type of coat that the breed has may also be a consideration. If you or a family member suffers from allergies a dog with limited shedding may be the best option.

You may also want to consider the sex of the dog you have.

When buying a puppy you will need to carry out through research on where to find or purchase your puppy. Beware of puppy farms and poor breeding. Unfortunately it is not unusual for prospective dog owners to arrive at a household and find puppies in poor conditions and in many cases they still come home with a puppy out of guilt. Sadly this can actually encourage this type of breeding. You should always visit the home prior to choosing a puppy where possible meet the father and insist on seeing the mother. It can sometimes be difficult to see the father as the breeder may not own the dad.  Obviously if choosing a puppy from a rescue centre it would not always be possible to see the mother. Have a look at how the mother is, is she relaxed? does she seem stressed? does she have a good temperament? does she appear to be a good mom? Also have a look at the breeders home or where the puppies are being kept, is it clean and tidy? are they in the home in a dry, warm environment? Have a chat with the breeder and gather as much information on the mom as well as their set up. A good breeder will be just as interested in you as you are of them. They should be interested in where the puppies are going and many good breeders will keep in contact with their puppies families. Also have a chat with them about what diet the puppy is currently on, ensure its a well balanced diet and that the pups have constant access to clean fresh water.

Ensure that you check your chosen puppy over, ensure that he/she looks healthy. Check its eyes; are they bright, are they able to see you and follow your hand? is the puppy moving okay? can it walk around and sit comfortably? how is the puppy when being handled and checked? They should be used to human contact.

Remember if you have any concerns then gather as much information as possible and don’t rush in to anything until you’re 100% happy that you and the dog are going to be right for each other.  If you would to speak to someone in more detail, contact us at Maisies Pet Boutique

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