Treat your Pet to our Handmade Pet Products

As a Pet Boutique based in Redditch offering a range of pet services including dog grooming and dog training, we also offer a range of handmade pet products for the discerning pet owners who like to give
their beloved pet a nice treat.

Maisies Pet Boutique specialise in handmade pet products from cat and dog collars to dog tags, coats, cat and dog leads and handmade cards.

Handmade Pet Products Dog collars

Handmade Pet Products Dog CollarsOur Deluxe Handmade Dog collars are available in an array of colours and styles to suit your dog.  Each of these dog collars are lined with velvet for a luxurious feel for added comfort for your dog.

All of the handmade collars are fitted with a plastic buckle and available in various sizes to fit your dog perfectly

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