Fundamental Puppy Training Technique

You can’t start puppy training early enough in our eyes, especially the basics like commands, tricks and teaching them their name.  But what is the best thing to start with?  There are so much advice out there for puppy toilet training, puppy behaviour and tricks.  In this article we will offer some advice on some of the basic training to try with your puppy

Puppy Training Essentials

Puppies brains are like sponges that are ready to soak up information and guidance from their owners.  A 7 or 8 weeks when you get your puppy home, this is when the training begins, but at this stage it is only best to spend short amounts of time a few times a day so as not to overload them with commands.  A good amount of time would be about 10 minutes.  You can increase this time as your puppy grows, ensuring they stay alert and interested instead of becoming boring to them.

Make sure you have plenty of treats for them as a reward for obeying commands, but ensure they are suitable for their age.  I tis best to stick to healthy, natural ingredients like chicken and cheese.

Always use positive responses to your puppy performance when obeying or completing tasks.  This approach is extremely beneficial and can be anything from giving treats, stroking or simply say ‘good boy/girl’.  Losing patience and your temper when they don’t pick up a new trick or command will only send them backwards in the training process and make the reluctant to pick things up.

Keep the training fun and remember to stay calm and positive.  This approach will guarantee a stronger bond between you and your puppy and they will gain your trust.  a positive manner always reflects in how your puppy responds to your commands as they will always want to serve and impress you.

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