Biting Prevention Dog and Puppy Training Birmingham

Responsible pet owners can reduce the chances of their dog from biting or being out of control by implementing simple dog and puppy training methods.    At Maisies pet Boutique we offer successful dog and puppy training Birmingham to reduce the chances of your dog biting other dogs and people.

Below is a list of tips and advice you should follow to help with your dogs behaviour.

Dog / Puppy Behaviour Tips

  • Mix with other dog owners
  • Give your dog plenty of exercise, healthy dogs are happy dogs
  • Play with your dog regularly but also train to release when told to
  • Chained or tethered dogs for long periods can become aggressive,
  • Offer plenty of affection and attention
  • Take notice when you should use a dog lead
  • Never leave a dog unattended with children

Why dogs bite?

  • Over Excited
  • Protective and posse vice of their owner
  • Frightened
  • Attention Seeking
  • Poorly or hurt
  • Be cautious of a mother dog with puppies

What to do when you see an untethered dog?

  •  Avoid being close to the dog
  •  Refrain from containing the dog
  •  Do not tease the dog
  •  Request that the owner secures the dog if they are around

What about dogs on leads?

  • Dogs can appear friendly but do not approach unless the owner is willing
  • Refrain from showing an open hand
  • Give enough room when jogging, cycling or walking past the dog

What can you do to prevent your dog or puppy from biting?

  • Provide appropriate dog and puppy training Birmingham
  • Allow the dog to regularly be with other people and animals, a pampered dog is a happy dog
  • Regularly exercise you dog
  • Train your dog to release on command
  • Dogs are very social animals, they thrive on attention and affection
  • Dogs can develop aggressive tendencies when tethered or left outside for long periods
  • Ensure you stick to the dog handling laws when outside
  • Never leave small children alone with dogs
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